Quality Pays For Itself

Posted by in Blog on February 11, 2013 0 comments

From DyanmoPlaygrounds.com | by: Nat Lockhart, CCPI, CPSI

Have you ever owned a product that was of high quality? The entire ownership exprience is fantastic. You enjoy having the product, using the product, even telling others about the product. The product may require some maintenance from time-to-time in order to keep it running in top form, but even that is simple and effective. High quality does not always mean high price, but owners of high quality products usually feel their purchase was worth it, no matter the amount they paid.

In the world of commercial playground equipment, there are a few markers of quality. These indicate not only the quality of the product at initial manufacture, but also quality process that goes on from product design through manufacture to after-sales support and service. When this is in place, product quality, and in turn safety, improves. Validated by third-party organizations, these quality products will bear the TÜV or IPEMA marks, or both, depending on the region the product is sold.

Since both these designations require rigorous testing, careful planning and regular third-party inspections, you can be sure when you put a TÜV or IPEMA certified product in your playground, that it will provided years of safe fun for the children who play there. The next time you are choosing product, be sure to look for the TÜV or IPEMA symbols of quality. After all, a quality product really does pay for itself.