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FunTimbers are an excellent choice for providing a containment system for you playground surfacing. They can be used with engineered wood fiber, shredded rubber, sand, or pea gravel surfaces. They come in 4′ lengths and the height choices are 8″, 9″, and 12″. All FunTimbers are only $30 each for a limited time (plus freight). Each timber comes with a long spike that is used to connect two timbers where they overlap each other and to fix their location in the ground. Also available are End Caps as well as ADA ramps that adapt to these FunTimbers.

As a side note, FunTimbers can also be used in a totally different function, they work extremely well when building raised bed gardens! We just bought some for our own “square foot garden” that we constructed this spring. We just applied some duct tape where they junction to keep the dirt from washing out over time. (Duct tape is unnecessary for playground surfacing since the surfacing is much more coarser than dirt.) They are the perfect size and are light and easy to work with when building your garden.

If you have any questions on FunTimbers, contact us today!