Receiving Your Product

If your order is not shipped via UPS, then you will receive it by common carrier (semi-truck). Please note that this does NOT include unloading service from the driver. It is the responsibility of the driver only to bring your items to the back of the truck. This is considered a Tailgate Delivery. Some items and/or boxes could be quite heavy and difficult to handle. A forklift or other similar unloading equipment is suggested. If you need additional assistance unloading the truck, you could request a Liftgate Service.

This is a hydraulic liftgate at the back of the trailer which will lower your product to ground level. This is an additional cost and must be requested at the time of placing your order. If you do NOT have mechanical assistance for unloading, I strongly suggest this option.

The freight company is supposed to call you 24 hours ahead of the scheduled delivery date to clarify directions and give you an approximate time of when they expect to deliver your product. Unfortunately, they can’t be real specific on when they will arrive. If there is nobody there to receive delivery on the pre-arranged time, the freight company will reschedule a delivery which may cause a “re-delivery” fee. It is critical that you have someone there to accept delivery at the scheduled time.

Bill Of Lading

Driver will give you a bill of lading which will list the number of boxes/items that you are receiving. Quickly look over this paperwork and ask the driver any questions about it prior to unloading the freight. It is your responsibility to make sure that you receive the correct number of pieces that are on the bill of lading. The number of items should exactly match the bill of lading.


Just as important, all items must be thoroughly inspected at the time of delivery. It is the customers responsibility to note any damages or shortages found on the bill of lading. All boxes should be in near-perfect condition or there may be hidden damage inside. If you can’t inspect all items on delivery, you should sign the bill of lading as “Pending Inspection”. It may not be practical to go through all the boxes at delivery, but you should go through them as soon as possible. Any discrepancies must be brought to the freight company’s attention within 24 hours. Just remember, once you sign the bill of lading without writing “Pending Inspection” , you are responsible for replacing any missing or damaged pieces! This equipment usually isn’t considered “cheap” so you don’t want to have to pay for it twice! Take your time and make sure it’s all there and you’re satisfied with it’s condition. There are only three entities that will make a “short” or damaged delivery correct: the manufacturer, the freight company, or the customer. It’s your responsibility to make sure that the first two don’t blame you! Protect yourself!