How many times have you purchased a major item that needs to be assembled, only to find the directions extremely difficult to follow? Almost every item that we offer needs some degree of assembly. Some are quite simple, while others require special tools and/or skills.

Molanda Company’s Installation Consulting Services

Molanda Company retains a professional playground installer to answer any of your installation or assembly questions. They have over twenty years of experience installing playground equipment as well as other park related items and are Certified Playground Safety Inspectors as determined by the National Playground Safety Institute (NPSI).

How It Works

Once you receive your equipment from Molanda Company, if you feel that you are unable to adequately assemble or install your equipment, contact us and we will e-mail a Consulting Invoice to you, just like your purchase invoice.

You select the payment option and send it in, then we will connect you with our consultant and you can call or email them with your questions. There are no limits on the number of contacts or the length of a call – they will guide you through the final completion of the products on which you have requested assistance.

This Service Is Unique To Our Industry

Other companies will typically suggest that you contact the manufacturer with any questions, which usually results in further frustrations after being forwarded to a customer service representative that has never put a product together. Why not talk with someone who has spent over two decades in the field and knows the ins-and-outs of this type of equipment?