How to Order

Contact Us Or Request A Quote

To order products, first contact Molanda Company at (217)855-5477 to obtain product information, pricing etc. or use this site to create a quote request.


After we determine specific details for your product interest (such as model number, colors quantities, shipping address etc.) we will e-mail or fax you an invoice based upon the information you provided.

Carefully check the invoice for accuracy. If you are satisfied with the information on the invoice, you need to print it out and sign it. Then return it to Molanda either by fax or e-mail.


In order to keep our prices down, we only accept checks for payment. To speed up the ordering process, you can make a copy of your payment and send it with your scanned or faxed signed invoice. Otherwise, we must wait for your check to arrive prior to ordering.

Please send a copy of your sales tax exemption letter with your check.