If your questions aren’t answered below, please feel free to contact us to get more information.

Who do you sell to?

Right now, Molanda Company only sell to sales tax exempt organizations such as municipalities, schools, park districts, churches, day care providers, homeowners associations, campgrounds, etc. We do not sell to individuals in states that are required to pay a sales tax on all purchases.

What colors are available for your products?

That depends on the products! Once we determine exactly what you are looking for, we can discuss color selections. It’s not unusual for multiple colors be selected for even just one item. Your color selection will be stated on your invoice prior to ordering. If it is incorrect, you must contact Molanda Company to change the color that is on the invoice.

Why can’t I just order the products directly from the manufacturer?

The manufacturers that we work with do not sell direct; they go through approved wholesale distributors like Molanda Company.

Is the playground equipment safe?

All playground equipment sold by Molanda Company is for commercial use only. All the manufacturers that we represent are members of IPEMA (International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association) and follow strict safety and quality guidelines. Additionally, all equipment is also manufactured to be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.

What are the warranties for your equipment?

All manufacturers have different warranties.  We will direct you to the proper manufacturer to obtain their particular warranties. Unfortunately, there is not a blanket warranty on the products.

How long does it take to get my product?

That depends on the specific product and the manufacturer. Most products typically ship within one month from the date of ordering.

Does Molanda Company have any “sales” or “specials”?

Not directly, but we do pass on all “specials” offered by the manufacturers as they let us know. Please check our website regularly to see what specials might be going on at that time.

Does Molanda Company do installations?

We do not offer installations, but we do offer a unique installation consulting service.