Know How to Choose the Most Appropriate Public Park Equipment for Kids: Evaluating Quality Benches, Tables and More!

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Public parks provide an avenue for children for exercise and adults to spend their leisure time. Because of the influence of modern day computers, smartphones, and iPads, active physical activity became not so much of an influence to today’s youth and this can tremendously affect their social, societal interpersonal and physical growth. Public parks are an essential opportunity for children and adults to interact to others and build trusting friendly relationships. Despite this wonderful benefits public parks provide, it cannot be denied that safety might be a concern. Around 80,000 safety issues, were reported annually because of public parks injuries as a result of faulty equipment. These incidents warrant attention. Here is a complete guide on how to choose the right public park equipment from tables and benches for children and adults.

Public Park Safety Standards

Whether it is for a public park or playground, it is an utmost priority to consider the safety of the children. Because of this, the CPSC developed standardized guidelines for public park safety. These include the age of the children that should be allowed to play in the park and general consideration for choosing public park equipment such as umbrellas and benches.

Choosing an Equipment

One factor that needs to be considered is the age. You should accurately determine the age range that the particular equipment includes. It is of worthy consideration to think about children who have physical disabilities that would also want to develop interpersonal and physical skills through play. The park equipment that should be chosen can be generally used by kids and those with disabilities, not to mention adults who would also want to spend their relaxing time in it. It is smart to add different styles of benches and tables with varied levels of comfort.

An example of an age-appropriate equipment are climbing equipment, ramps, single file step ladder, spring rockers, stairways and swings for toddlers or kids who are six to 32 months of age. Preschoolers or those who are two to five years of age are safe with horizontal ladders, merry-go-rounds, rung ladders, ramps, spiral slides of 360 degrees and swings. Grade-schoolers or those who are five to 12 years old are good with arch climbers, chain or cable walks, fulcrum seesaw, ladder, overhead rings, ring treks, slides, and vertical sliding poles. Grills should be added to prevent children from going beyond the public park and into the street.

Equipment Height

This is a number one factor that influences the incidents of playground injuries. The majority of emergencies as a result of playground injuries are falls. The height of the equipment should be reasonably safe for children. For example, climbing equipment for a toddler ages six to 23 months should be at the height of 32 inches high. The dealer for playground equipment that you will eventually choose should provide you with complete information regarding the age-appropriate height of the equipment. Tables and Benches should not be more than 40 inches for toddlers.

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