Weather to Play

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From | by Nat Lockhart, CCPI, CPSI

The weather seems to be more extreme these days. Whether it actually is, or if our perceptions are shaped by an increase in the availability of weather-related information thanks to a significant increase in media coverage is a debate best left to others. What is clear is that the weather is certainly on people’s minds a lot more these days – whether it be “Snowpocalypse” in the American North-east, the flooding and cyclone in Austalia or even the day-to-day weather wherever you may live.

In the realm of commercial playground equipment, weather plays an important, if perhaps overlooked, role. The weather affects whether or not we will go outside to use the equipment. The equipment may be taken out of service if the weather is too extreme, as often happens during the winter in Canada. Extreme weather may cause the equipment to deteriorate faster, such as plastic equipment deteriorating faster in sunny climates.

With playground equipment in active use on 5 continents, weather is always an important factor considered in the design of Dynamo playground equipment. The nylon coating on the cables prevents them from getting as hot as a steel climber. The pigmentation process used on the nylon produces an industry-leading protection against fading and material deterioration. The ground-mass achor system used on the Biggo Flyer and Rotating Climbers is designed and tested to stay put through a lifetime of freeze/thaw cycles.

No matter where you are located, it’s always a good day to play on Dynamo playground equipment – whatever the weather!