PVC Coating

Posted by in Blog on October 22, 2012 0 comments
Have you ever wondered why some park benches fade or even get some black spots over time?  That’s because the coating is probably a form of PVC.  An alternative coating for benches, tables, and receptacles is a product called “thermoplastic”.  There are several advantages to thermoplastic coating:
  1. It’s smooth finish prevents mold and mildew (those nasty black patches)
  2. It maintains it’s color much longer than PVC
  3. It’s more resistant to vandalism because the coating can be easily repaired with a heat gun
  4. You won’t find unsightly runs or drips on the back side or bottoms of the planks
  5. It’s environmentally friendly, especially compared to PVC
  6. It doesn’t cost any more to have thermoplastic than PVC!