Most Awesomest Park Ever!

Posted by in Blog on February 13, 2014 0 comments

Residents of Mesa, Arizona and the surrounding region recently enjoyed the long-awaited grand re-opening of Riverview Park. The City if Mesa offered a day of spectacle as they unveiled the completely new park and sports facility including wide open green spaces, shade and picnic areas, fishing lakes, splash pad and incredible new playground in addition to the new Chicago Cubs Spring Training Facility. Huge crowds of visitors came to see, and the sea of grinning faces & loud buzz of happy voices and laughter proved the day a complete success!

Prominently visible from any approach, park visitors or passersby easily notice the most memorable features of this playground whether on freeways or local streets. Mesa Parks staff worked with local distributor AZ Rec Design and Dynamo Playgrounds to create truly unique playground achievements that are sure to draw visitors from near and far.

The first feature of this playground everyone will notice is one that has been perplexing locals for months after it rose behind the construction fence. Pyramid Net Climbers have become familiar sights on playgrounds in recent years, but no playground has seen one like this. Standing 15M tall – nearly 50 feet – The DX-108 is the World’s Tallest Pyramid Net by Dynamo and sets an entirely new standard for playground awesomeness.

Also attracting a high volume of attention is the first structure in Dynamo’s new Art Play series. Although markedly shorter than its big brother beside it, this Ropes Course winds its way over almost 10,000 square feet. Designed with extensive consultation between AZ Rec Design and the City, this special ropes course offers a rope play unlike any one style of net climber.

Undulating planes, ever-changing angles and an entire collection of different frames offer the user a multitude of experiences as they cruise through the different sections. With such a variety the children will find endless new and different ways to enjoy this special piece, being called by some The Caterpillar.

Already a favourite with residents of Mesa, this playground is setting the tone for future playground thinking locally and beyond. Congratulations Mesa on a fantastic result!