Impacting the Environment for the Better

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From | by: Nat Lockhart, CCPI, CPSI

Dynamo Playgrounds’ products are designed to get children outside and active, so it is only natural to have a strong commitment to making sure the environment is preserved for all the children of the world to be able to play for years to come. As a company, Dynamo is working at every possible level to make the world a greener place.

To begin with, Dynamo playground equipment is an environmentally sound choice. Utilizing designs that make better use of vertical space, Dynamo products allow more children to play in a smaller product footprint – as much as three times more play value for the same area. This means parks can be constructed to accommodate a whole community in a smaller space, leaving more land undisturbed or available for greenspace. This also means less development cost, time and resources are required for the play area and less impact absorbing materials needed under the equipment.

With unique construction methods requiring fewer raw materials than traditional structures, Dynamo Playgrounds products have a smaller carbon footprint and often “blend in” to the park environment better. Additionally, the Dynamo factory has achieved ISO 14001 certification for environmental responsibility in the manufacturing process. This is a continuation of Dynamo’s philosophy of always working towards further improvements, whether in efficiency, reducing environmental impact, or more forward-thinking design.

Due to exacting material specifications, Dynamo does not rely on recycled materials in the production process as they do not consistently meet Dynamo’s strict manufacturing tolerances; however, this is balanced by the fact that Dynamo uses fewer raw materials to produce a piece of play equipment than are required in producing a composite structure with the same play value. Additionally, Dynamo’s commitment to environmental responsibility means that great care is taken to ensure all waste materials are properly reused or recycled wherever possible.

Given the ability of the Internet to deliver relevant, current and detailed information to customers around the world, companies like Dynamo are utilizing it to a large degree in this modern age. At Dynamo, green efforts are taken a step further by partnering with an environmentally-responsible web hosting company that offsets its carbon footprint by 110% through large-scale reforestation projects. This will ensure that the information keeps flowing, and trees keep growing, for the future.

Finally, Dynamo’s newest catalogue is printed by a FSC, SFI and PEFC-certified printer that uses only environmentally friendly vegetable and soy-based inks and varnishes. In addition, they have established a Plant-a-Tree program in partnership with Scouts Canada to plant trees based on the volume of every print order. So far, over 90 trees have been planted on Dynamo’s behalf as a result of this partnership. This newest catalogue is also freely available on the Dynamo Playgrounds website for online viewing and download, something that Dynamo has been doing with all printed promotional materials since 2005. This means that customers need not request a printed copy when an electronic copy is satisfactory, and the volume of printed catalogues can be reduced to compensate for this use.

From the product to the process, and everything in between, these are just a few of the ways that Dynamo is helping keep our world greener today so children around the world can continue to play tomorrow.