Daily Archives: May 4, 2015

Time for outdoor activities in our lives is shrinking as more and more activities indoors are taking up our recreational time. Whether they are entertaining programes on television, chatting online with friends and family or playing video games – all these activities compel us to stay inside our homes. The most affected category is that of the kids, who need time to play outside in parks and playgrounds for both their physical and mental development. Kids need to be weaned away from the electronic equipment indoors and the most effective way of doing that is through the equipment for physical activity that will interest them enough to play outside.

Most parks and playgrounds have a few swings, slides and rocking horses designed for the younger kids which offer motion play to the kids. This type of play activities allows the kids to be mobile while playing outdoors. Research shows that children learn valuable motor, emotional, problem-solving and interpersonal skills while playing. The motion play equipment in community or school playground is one way of promoting the learning of these skills in kids.

Swinging is one interesting way of motion play which most kids enjoy. It teaches vital skills like balancing while moving, controlling the body while moving away from the ground at high speeds and sensory integration to kids of all ages, but especially younger and autistic kids. Swinging is a safe exercise that can keep a group of kids engaged for hours.

Motion play through spinning can add interesting features to the parks and playgrounds. Whether they are manual spinners or automated, they require children to display skills like hand and eye coordination, judgement of speed, maintaining body balance while in movement, etc and the kids learn while playing with their friends. Spinners are ideal for kids because they can expand their energy while learning balance and coordination.

Zip lines and Track lines are another example of motion play in parks and playgrounds. Kids can build strength while enjoying the slide from one end of the line to another. They learn to balance and hold while pushing themselves forward with the help of their body weight. Zip lines can keep the kids of various ages engaged while also helping them hone their physical fitness.

Seesaws and spring riders are some more examples of motion play where kids learn motor skills while playing. Playing outdoors at parks and playgrounds is a total mind and boy exercise for the kids and all caregivers should encourage this for kids under their care.