Benefits of Motion Play in Playgrounds

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A playground is simply a playground, right? Many parents have never really thought about what types of play equipment their children are playing on at parks. It can be surprising to find out that a lot of playground equipment doesn’t teach your child much of anything—and that there is a kind of playground equipment that does.

Motion Play is an amazing new invention that allows children to learn as they are playing, something that you will not be able to find in many other parks. When you want children to learn more and still be able to have a lot of fun, consider taking your child to a park that has Motion Play playground equipment to help them develop skills that they would not get anywhere else from a young age.

If you own a daycare or another establishment that has children and playgrounds, this will be a good investment to help our youngsters turn into people who have these kinds of skills from a young age.

Why Motion Play?

The variety of movement that this playground equipment gives your children is exceptional. When you take children to playgrounds, they will be moving in a lot of ways, but these playgrounds challenge children to move in ways that they would not on a normal playground. Movements such as swinging are common, but why not take that concept and apply it to more than just swings?

Swinging is one of the most sought after activities at parks. When children swing, they develop skills such as special awareness and sensory skills, balance and posture. These skills could save their lives later along. Swinging develops a skill set that is very essential in today’s world. We create swings that allow many children play together and interact with each other.

Another fun way that children like to play at parks is through spinning. Spinning can be taken to places other than the merry go round. When you introduce an overhead spinning element that is driven by momentum, this is a good challenge. It will challenge children to use their strength and coordination to get the wheel spinning. This is an important skill to have later in life as well because they will have to have good coordination.

Also, other types of spinning playground equipment can be educational for young people. Motion play spinners have many uses. These teach coordination, strength and awareness of the surrounding space and how it relates to the body. Also, if you have a child with autism, it will help increase vestibular stimulation, which is essential. Motion Play works to create playground equipment that is exceptionally fun, yet still teaches your youngsters future skill sets.