Lunar Leap


The Lunar Leap is one giant leap for child-kind. Strung together with numerous nylon wrapped steel ropes, this 3D net climber will be a unique addition to any school playground, churchyard or outdoor venue. Its sphere design allows access from all sides so the playing never has to stop. This climber’s frame is almost double an average American male as shown in the last image. The frame is made of a robust steel that prevents rusting and can be color customized. However, the yellow caps’ color cannot be changed. Lunar Leap can hold several kids at the same time; making it a gathering hub for children. This can create friendships while children climb up and down the nylon netting. During a child’s formative years, the development of social skills is quintessential for the later stages in life. This 3D Net Climber combines making friends and having fun into one exciting structure.