Craggy Range


Children will think that the Craggy Range play structure rocks! Designed as part of the craggy rocks play series, the Craggy Range play structure will test children’s strength and coordination as they climb. Nine individual climbing walls make up this play structure, and in-between each of the climbing walls are different ladders and climbers, including vertical ladders and maze climbers. A triangle of vertical ladders make up the center of this play structure, and three sections made up of three climbing walls branch off of the center and eventually curve, giving this play structure a spiral-like shape. Climbing the ladders and climbers will work children’s upper body strength, and scaling the rock walls will teach children coordination skills. You will be a rock star if you get this play structure for the adventurous children in your life. This play structure is designed for children who are between the ages of 5 and 12 years old.