Cosmic Crest


The shuttle has landed and it is named Cosmic Crest. A geometrically centric design, the Cosmic Crest puts one of the strongest architectural shapes to the test: the triangle. The entire rope structure is encased a structure of interconnected triangles. In the center, the nylon covered steel ropes are pulled taut inside. This design allows for a mixture of solid and flexible surfaces. Less experienced children will have the ability to let their weight settle onto the mobile ropes while they can steady themselves on the surrounding steel bars. The bars are spaced out to allow for the safest experience as kids climb and learn to steady themselves on the gentle bounce of ropes. The structure is an approachable height as shown in the last image of the American adult male figure standing next to the structure. The powder coat painted steel portions are available in a variety of colors to accent your playground, school or other outdoor area where you are placing the Cosmic Crest. Bring the cosmos closer on the Cosmic Crest.