Bike Lockers


Bike lockers are alternatives to a “bike room” at apartment properties.  They offer residents a bike storage option that eliminates theft, vandalism, and weather issues.  At the same time, property management companies can lease these units to residents and receive an additional income stream.
Two models are available, the 301 is for single bike storage.  The 302 can hold two bicycles and has a door at each end with a dividing wall connecting opposite corners creating two secure storage units in one locker.  Bike lockers come in either tan or medium gray.
All lockers are shipped assembled and can stand alone or in groups.  Provided hardware anchors units to concrete or asphalt base at each corner.  This product does not tie up maintenance staff for hours and/or days with another project.  The construction of fiberglass reinforced plastic is highly resistant to impact, stains, and will not corrode.  Other designs are available.
Model 301:
Model 302:

Locker Type

Single Bike, Two Bikes